The Languedoc summers are hot and during June through August, houses can become uncomfortable even with enhanced ventilation. Winters are sunny but occasionally chilly.

The area is well supplied with companies and single professionals installing air conditioning because here, it is a necessity rather than a luxury.

When it comes to putting “the clim” in a period stone house, looking for the cheapest deal is not the smartest move. Given that units have an established market price (itself determined by the volume of your space and compressor needed), the only difference between estimates is the cost of labour. This is more often than not calculated on the basis of access, the amount of drilling, and the positioning of the units, both exterior and interior.

Believe it or not, a great deal of ingenuity is required in deciding where the outside compressors will be placed (sufficient air space and keeping the façade of your house intact being major considerations), as well as a certain creative and aesthetic vision when it comes to running the goulottes (dropper chutes). The latter can be unsightly, especially in an old restored house.

The amount of dust and general upheaval is often played down by suppliers who want the business.

Given that this is a considerable investment for home owners anyway, skimping on the total amount may prove a disastrous mistake. If insufficiently powered, your brand new air conditioning installation may prove inefficient and therefore useless/expensive to run.

If your installer has taken on several projects, he might do what most Languedoc entrepreneurs do and keep you in the dust and disarray for far longer than it takes to complete the job.

If he is not bothered about referrals or reputation, or has too much work anyway, he might leave a holy mess behind. If you place is newly decorated, this would require a further expenditure post-works and touching-up, not to mention a major cleaning operation.


Discuss every aspect of the installation prior to signing the “devis” (estimate).  Bear in mind the above, which is written from experience.

We wholeheartedly recommend Pac Energies – Crocelec ( whose level of communication, expertise and professionalism is unmatched in the Languedoc.

They will offer you different options in terms of brands and prices, and discuss positioning of the units, coming up with solutions you may not have considered.

They will leave your home clean and as they found it (with the exception of the creatively positioned and charted “goulottes”).  They will go through the process of naming the rooms and explaining how the system operates as a whole and individually, in each room. They will advise on recuperating and re-using the condensation fluid, perhaps in your garden. When they are done, you might even be sorry to see them go, which is no small recommendation coming from us, a hard-boiled home restorer.

Like all installers, they have a warranty on both units and labour. Their installation does not leak, a frequently occurring problem with shoddy work/unscrupulous firms. Nor does it damage your stone walls if indeed you have a period property.

You have invested time, effort and money into your home – do not skimp on this added bit of comfort that is so important in this part of the world, and that would add value to your property.

Disclaimer: We are not in any way associated with Pac Energies nor have we received any compensation, in kind or monetary, for this review. It is, therefore, 100% impartial.