From its hillside vantage, the town of Grasse overlooks the best-known region of France: the Cote d’Azur. The glittering seaside of South East France is home to globally famous locales such as Cannes, Nice and St. Tropez; Grasse offers easy access to them all, and more. The town is famous in its own right too for the beautiful, historic centre, a thriving arts and culture scene – and, of course, perfume.

Grasse: A short drive away from the trendiest places along the French Riviera

The town is equidistant between Cannes and Antibes, both of which are just a drive away. Nice is roughly a 30 minutes away by car, or 40-60 minutes by bus. Further afield are Saint Tropez ( approx. 90km) to the southwest, and Monaco (approx. 65 km) to the east.

For longer stays, the Italian Riveria (Ventimiglia, Ospedaletti and Sanremo) is just across the border and would make for a perfect day trip.

The Perfume Capital of the World

Grasse has had a prospering perfume trade since the eighteenth century. Today, the town is still the centre of France’s perfume industry – and may be considered the perfume capital of the world. The town itself lives and breathes this heritage, from its museums and art galleries to the high-end boutiques – and even the architecture of the old town.

Coming Soon: Riviera Pied-a-Terre

Just off the Place des Aires, in the largely pedestrian center of Grasse, and next to countless cafes, brasseries and quaint boutiques, this is stylish and quirky Pied-a-Terre gives you access to the famous landmarks of the French Riviera.

Furnished with period furniture and completely restored, this is an elegant and functional live/work space, ideal for short stays and for exploring the most beautiful coastline in Europe.

Nearby Activities

Below we have included just a few of the many festivals, events and activities in and around Grasse – as well as places like Cannes and Nice.